Customizr Theme Options : Global Settings

Global Settings Overview

The Global Settings panel is accessible in the theme customizer. It contains options covering :
  • Site Title & Tagline
  • Logo & Favicon
  • Skin
  • Google Fonts
  • Social links
  • Links style and effects
  • Titles icons setting
  • Image settings
  • Responsive settings
  • Authors

Logo & Favicon

  • Upload or Remove your chosen Logo image (must be .jpg, .png, .gif, .svg, .svgz)
  • Choose whether to adjust your logo to the Czr default: 250px x 100px
  • For best results, try uploading a logo with those maximum dimensions. If your logo is larger, you can check the “force logo dimensions” option to make it fit better to the theme
  • If there is no logo uploaded, Customizr will use your Site Title as Logo
  • Upload an alternative Logo for the Sticky Header feature (Optional)
  • Upload your chosen Favicon image (small image displayed in the browser’s address bar and tabs)
  • Supported favicon file format : ico, png, gif (deprecated since v3.4.8. Handled by WordPress as a core feature since WP v4.3.0)
Note: when migrating from one server to another (like from development to production for example), you might need to re-upload your logo and favicon.


The theme comes with 17 predefined color skins that you can preview and select from the customizer panel.
The main skin color is used for many elements of your site : links, buttons, tagline, icons, …

Google Fonts

Web Design is 95% Typography.

Oliver Reichenstein from Information Architects Inc., one of the best design agencies in the world.

  • Customizr includes a font picker allowing you to easily select some of the best Google Fontcombinations for your headings (html tags H1, H2, … Hn ) and paragraphs (html tag p).
  • You have the option to select one single font for your entire website, among a selection of cool fonts.
  • You can select web safe fonts which are installed on most of the computers in the world, if you prefer.

Social links

Select where you want to display your social links, or deselect to hide

There are four locations where Social Icons may be displayed:
  • Header -
    Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Header -> Design and Layout
    Find the setting -> Social links in header
  • Footer -
    Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Footer -> Footer Global Settings
    Find the setting -> Social links in footer
  • Left sidebar -
    Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Sidebars -> Socials in Sidebars
    Find the setting -> Social links in left sidebar
  • Right sidebar -
    Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Sidebars -> Socials in Sidebars
    Find the setting -> Social links in right sidebar

Define your social profile link in each field. For example :

Note : Leaving a field blank will result in that social icon not being displayed.

  • You can activate a smooth scroll effect in your internal page links to an anchor.
  • The theme comes with a fade effect when hovering links, activated by default. You can disable it by unchecking the option.
  • You can display a link icon next to a link to identify it clearly
  • You can choose to activate the page link in a new browser tab

Title icons settings

Customizr uses a set of CSS font-icons that you can choose to be displayed next to most headings.

Image settings

  • You can choose the lightbox effect when clicking on an Image
  • These can be autoscaled depending on your screensize
  • The theme supports devices using high definition images, also called retina display devices.
  • You can choose to see an Ajax spinner displayed whilst waiting for images to be loaded

Responsive settings

When your website is displayed on mobile devices like smartphone and tablets, the theme automatically adapts to fit the width. Sidebars are moved to the bottom of the page by default, but you can decide to make them stick to their initial position.

If you are using sliders in your pages, the pictures will be dynamically re-centered, by default.


Useful for bloggers, an Author panel can be displayed on single-page posts