What are the benefits of Customizr Pro compared to other WordPress themes ?

Users of the  Customizr Pro theme are very diverse. Some are running a small business or an e-commerce store, others are creating websites for clients in web agencies, publishing their stories on high traffic blogs, or administrator of an institutional website

But their feedbacks about Customizr Pro are always similar :  they stick to this WordPress theme because it's good looking, has all the useful features that they need, and always works fine

At  Press Customizr, we love to hear those feedbacks because they reward our constant efforts for a continuous improvement process of the theme.

We've listed below the main reasons explaining why we have 10K+ happy customers, and what makes us think that Customizr Pro is probably a good option to create your WordPress website.

Reliable and safe. It just works.

The  Customizr Pro theme is the result of more than 3 years of development and improvements. Probably all possible mistakes, issues, errors, and plugin problems have been reported, and fixed!

Since there’s no such thing as bug-free software, we have our eyes peeled for any unknown or future bugs. But if you have a question about Customizr, chances are it has already been asked and answered in our  Product Support Helpdesk.

Loved by its users : Customizr free is the best rated theme ever on WordPress.org

The free version of Customizr is active on more than 100K websites ( source : wp.org ). We're proud that Customizr managed to become the best rated theme ever on WordPress.org, among more than 4000 themes. Users of the Customizr themes keep coming back to it, because it simply always works without bad surprises.

Customizr Pro allows you to get all the benefits of the wonderful free version, plus all the pro features.

Pro Features : Designed with visitor engagement in mind

The  Customizr Pro theme has been developed with some universal design principles in mind that will help you to engage more visitors on your website.

  • Font Customizer . A totally unique and awesome module, allowing you to style any text of your website in live preview with 650+ fonts and 40+ typography effects. (more details here)
  • Featured Pages. Engaging your visitors has never been easier. Feature any content on your home page.
  • Post Grid Customizer . Turn your blog posts into a clean and fluid portfolio with appealing hover effects.
  • Menu Customizer . Add a clean hamburger side menu and select how it will be revealed with a range of engaging effects.
  • Footer Customizer . Easily customize your footer credits and copyrights in live preview.
  • Display a full width and responsive carousel of your latest posts in any posts or pages in a few clicks. You can also pick a specific post category for your carousel.

Easy to customize

Since its inception, the Customizr theme has been designed to be easily customizable and extendable. All options are set live in the WordPress customizer where you can safely preview your changes before publishing. Create an awesome design, and once you’re happy with it, just save and publish.

Fully responsive and fast on mobile devices

The Customizr Pro theme is engineered to  display nicely and fast on all types of devices : smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops. In the web design word, this is called a responsive design.

We are continuously improving our product to provide an exceptional user experience for your visitors. With the Customizr Pro theme, your website loads fast and adapts nicely on any devices : smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Always works fine with the latest version of WordPress

At Press Customizr, we start testing all upcoming versions of WordPress several weeks before their official release, and we also   contributes to improve the core code of WordPress if we can. As a consequence, the Customizr Pro theme will always work perfectly when you'll update WordPress from your admin.

WooCommerce ready

If your need to add an e-commerce store to your website, you can do it with Customizr Pro and the WooCommerce plugin. Once you'll have activated  WooCommerce, you'll be able to create an appealing online store with the theme, including nice features like a header shopping cart or nice product list grid.

Clean and tested code respecting the best practices

The  Customizr Pro theme extends the Customizr free theme hosted on the WordPress.org theme’s repository. To be accepted on this repository, a theme has to respect detailed  requirements and guidelines to ensure maximum security for its users, and to be compliant with WordPress best coding practices. Each time a new version is submitted, it goes through a control process with hundreds of automated checks, a final manual test, and an approval made by an administrator of the theme review team.

Beautifully documented

We're putting a lot of work in our  documentation and we hope you'll love browsing it. You can instantly find answers with our suggested results. If you think something is missing, contact us and we'll add it.

World Class Support from WordPress Experts

Customizr Pro is super easy to use, but if you need help, our team of developer is here to make your life easier. That's why customers give us industry leading happiness ratings. When you purchase the theme, you get access to a Product Support Helpdesk where we provide the guidelines to get started and build your website with the theme, whatever you need to do with it.