Customizr Theme options : Post lists : blog, grid, archives, …

The are several types of context in which your WordPress website will display a list of posts :

  • Home page : if you've decided to display your blog posts on home
  • Blog page : if you've decided to display your blog posts or your portfolio on a specific page
  • Archive's pages : page displaying posts of a particular categorytag, author, date
  • Search results

Global Post List settings

  • You can define the maximum number of posts on a page
  • You can select to display either the Excerpt (with a Read more…) or the Full content
  • If using the Excerpt, you can adjust the number of words to break the content (default is 55)

Post list design : grid or alternate thumbnail

Define the post lists design

  • Select whether to display your post as a grid or as sections of content/thumbnail
  • For the grid layout, you can “expand” the last sticky post (featured post)

Grid layout customization

This will be a useful design option to present a portfolio.

Click on “ More Grid Design Options” to customize the grid design.

Post Thumbnails options

Define post thumbnail settings here
  • Select whether to display a thumbnail next to each post
  • Either set up a Featured Image for each post, or select to use the last image attached to the post
  • Choose which thumbnail shape to use (see below)
  • Set the max-height of the thumbnail
  • Choose which position to display the thumbnail (see below)
  • Check the box if you’d like to alternate the position of the thumbnail/content

Post thumbnails shape

Define the shape of the thumbnail here

From the dropdown, select which of seven thumbnail shapes to use. Based on Round, Squared or Rectangular

Thumbnails position

Define the position of the thumbnail here

From the dropdown, select the position of the thumbnail – Top, Right, Bottom, Left

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