Searching Customizr theme topics in the forum

The  Customizr theme forum on is an excellent knowledge base. We are lucky to have a very active and enthusiastic community of users, solving problems related to plugins, css, server issues, php questions...
There are literally thousands of topics for the Customizr theme which you can reference. Chances are that other users have gone through the same problems or questions you currently have, and that those issues have already been fixed on the forum.
But, there's a serious caveat : there's no simple way to search for topics only in the Customizr support forum.
That's where the Google powered search form below is really helpful ! It will show you results narrowed downs to Customizr related pages of the WordPress forums. 
Hint : You can use the tabs of the results pop in window to navigate in different sections of the website : snippets, documentation, forum archives.

Tips when opening a new thread in the forum

  • First of all, make sure you've read the Forum Welcome page to have an overview of the rules. There's even more information available on this article : Using the Support Forums.
  • To add any code, remember to add backticks at start/finish. This is easily done using the ‘code’ button at the start and it changes to a ‘/code’ button for the finish.
  • Similarly, the ‘link’ button can be used to provide links to your site – this is important if you want to save time as most SuperUsers will use Firebug or Code Inspector to see where your problem may lie.
  • Tick the ‘Notify Me’ checkbox if you want to receive an email when someone replies to your Topic.
  • DON’T add your problem to the back of someone else’s Topic. It makes it much harder to answer multiple questions which may seem to be related but often are similar symptoms of different problems.
  • DO change the status to [resolved] when you have received a solution. The originator can see a dropdown in the Right Sidebar. With lots of Posts to monitor, it helps to sift ones that have been answered. Another reason not to add to someone else’s Topic marked [resolved].
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