What happens when the activation key expires ?

Q : My understanding is that if the key is not renewed, the site on which I have installed Customizr Pro would stay live, but not have benefits of updates. Is this correct?

A : That’s right. If you don’t renew the key, Customizr Pro will of course continue to work without any problems. Renewing your activation key grants you access to support and updates for another year, including all updates for bug fixes and feature introductions.

You’ll be notified for renewal one month before the expiration date.

Q : After one year, do I return to a Customizr "not pro" ?

A: Of course not! You will be able to use the Pro version and it will not be downgraded to the Customizr free version. Same thing with the premium plugins. But it is important to keep your theme up to date tough, in particular if it is related to your professional activity. See why below.

Q : Why should I keep my theme up to date ?

A: By keeping you theme or plugin safely up to date, you make sure that your site will be 100% compatible with the future WordPress releases (   3 per year ), and will be nicely displayed on all browsers and mobile devices. We also make sure that major plugins like WooCommerce are always fully compatible with our themes after any update. Web technologies and devices are evolving fast, that’s why most of our updates are related to those compatibility fixes.

Q : Do you propose a way to get forever updates with a one time payment ?

A: Yes some of our products include a Lifetime plan for which you'll be charged once to get forever updates. You can totally start with a simple plan and then upgrade to Lifetime later from your account.

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