502 Bad Gateway

Your internet service provider's  proxy server is trying to fulfill the request by your browser to access your Website. It receives an invalid response from your website's server. When this happens you will see a  502 Bad Gateway error. This happens due to poor IP communication between back-end servers, possibly including the Web server at your site. 


  1. Clear your browser cache completely and re-start your browser before trying to access your web site.
  2. Try visiting other web site and see if this problem exists for all web sites you try to visit.
    • If problem exist for all the sites you try to visit, then it's probably your Internet Service Provider has a major equipment failure or overload.
      Check with your Internet Service Provider to see if they are having any issues.
    • Another possibility could be something went wrong with your Internet connection. Try using alternative Internet access to determine if there is a problem with your equipment.
  3. If the problem exist only when you try to visit your website, then it is likely that your Web Hosting server is having equipment failure or overloading. You will need to contact your Web Hosting company for details.

Basically, if it's a server issue, there is nothing you can do but to contact the relevant parties and wait for them to fix it.

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