How to use the Category Description in Hueman theme?

It is common to use  Categories and Tags to organize the posts of a site. With the Hueman WordPress theme you can display a category description text below your category title on your website.

Create a category and its description

To create a Category for your site, you can create one in the Categories metabox available on the post/page editor. In this case, you give the Category Name only.

But, you can also create a category by clicking on Posts->Categories from the WordPress admin dashboard.

On the Categories screen that is displayed, you can add a new category. When you do so, give a suitable description for that category. Some themes do not use this description. But Hueman theme does.

Click on Add New Category to save the category and its description.

If you have created a category without a description, you can always edit it from the  Categories screen and add the description.

Category description in the Hueman theme

On the front end of your Hueman theme website, when you go to a category page, you can see the description displayed just below the Category Title.

So, you can use the Category description in your Hueman theme powered site. 

Doc created by: Menaka S.

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