How to use an early access Google Fonts ( like Chinese, Japanese, Korean ) in WordPress ?

Some Google Fonts have not yet graduated to be included in the Google Fonts Directory but you can use them and provide a feedback to Google if they need improvements. 

Those fonts are called Early Access Google Fonts. You can find the list here.

Those early access fonts can be interesting to find beautiful typographies in Japanese, Chinese or Korean. But there are also many other typographies available.

How to embed the font on your WordPress website ?

The easiest way is to use the  Custom CSS field in the live customizer.

Example 1

For example, let's say you need to use the font cwTeXYen (Chinese Traditional) on your website.

You'll find the code to copy here :

And it will look like this in the custom css field :

@import url(;
body { font-family:'cwTeXYen',sans-serif;}

Hit save and publish. You're done.

Example 2

If you need to the Noto Sans SC Sliced (Chinese Simplified), you'll find the code here :

You'll will paste the following code in the custom css field :

@import url(//;
body { font-family:'Noto Sans SC Sliced',sans-serif;}

What can I do if the font is not taken into account ?

If the font is still not displayed on your website, it can be because another font is applied in priority ( learn more about the  css specificity concept here ).

Make sure your site doesn't have a font already defined for the targeted selector ( in the example, the selector is body, which means for the entire page ). You can also add the !important flag in your css code to make sure your font is applied. Your code will the look like this :

@import url(//;

body { font-family:'Noto Sans SC Sliced',sans-serif;!important}

You are using the Font Customizer included in Customizr Pro or Hueman Pro

If you are a lucky user of the  Customizr Pro theme of the Hueman Pro theme, then you'll need to reset the fonts previously customized with the reset button ( see the image below ).


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