How to display your image galleries as carousels in Customizr Pro ?

If you are displaying galleries in your blog posts, you'll be interestered by this way to display your images as carousels on home or wherever you site displays a list of posts.

This type of carousel will be created automatically with the first gallery embedded in a post for which you've selected the Gallery post format.

The example below illustrates how it looks in a grid of posts ( masonry type ). You can see it live on the demo site.

Gallery carousels in Customizr Pro

Enable the option in the customizer

This option is available with the modern style of Customizr Pro.

Open the live customizer and navigate to Main Content > Galleries

Customizer option for gallery carousels

Select the gallery post format for your post.

When editing a post, select the gallery post format in the format meta box.

The theme will create a carousel for your first embedded gallery in the post.

Select the gallery post format