Recommended plugins for the Customizr WordPress theme

WordPress plugins

The following is a list of plugin that we think can be useful for you. 

Note : We recommend the following plugins because we have successfully tested them with the Customizr theme. But we won't guarantee that the plugins will always stay 100% compatible with the Customizr theme in the future.

Page Builder

  • The Nimble Builder plugin is a free, simple yet powerful drag and drop page builder used on 45K+ live websites. Light and performant, it is the perfect tool to very easily build beautiful pages, looking perfect on mobile and desktop devices.

Translation / Multilingual

  • Weglot : the most easy to use translation plugin. Free for 1 language and up to 15 000 characters.


On the web, speed is key!

High performance web sites lead to higher visitor engagement, retention and conversions


Each time a web page has to get an external ressource (stylesheet, javascript file, image, …) , it increases the loading time of the page. However, since browsers cache the css and javascript it is better for performance standpoint to  make those ressources external than to embed them directly in your webpage.

To minimize the number of http requests to get all external ressources, the best solution is then to compile them into compressed files (one for CSS and one for js for example).

There are good plugins to handle this : Total Cache and Super Cache are your friends. I use  W3 Total Cache on most of my WordPress websites. Very good, free and highly reliable. Must used!

Have you checked if your website loads fast? If not then test it with the following online tools and see what kind of improvements you can make :

Before implementing any performance plugins on your website try to compress your pictures as much as possible. There are many ways to do that but some online tools like are doing it very well.


The web is not a safe place. WordPress powers  about 35% of all websites. Every WordPress install are similars, and hackers are well aware of that! You must protect your WordPress install. Here are two interesting plugins to do reinforce your security :

  • Akismet : The Automattic spam blocker. Will save you hours of spam comment moderation.
  • Anti-spam : Light-weight and smartl little plugin.  A good complement to Akismet See how it works here.
  • Better WordPress Security
  • WordFence : the free version of this popular plugin allows you to scan your website for malwares

Two good practices to have in mind :

  • Good practice 1 : Always keep all your active WordPress components (themes and plugins) up-to-date, including WordPress itself of course.
  • Good practice 2 : Delete inactive themes and plugins in your install. Always.

SEO (Search Engines Optimization)

To become Google’s best friend, I recommend  WordPress SEO by Yoast : the best SEO plugin for WordPress to me,  and very easy to configure.


  • Regenerates thumbnails : the plugin to generates Customizr specific image sizes
  • Unveil Lazy Load.  Drastically improve page loading time.  Load an image when it’s visible in the viewport. N.B. This plugin can be used as alternative to the theme's feature "Load images on scroll". Be sure you disabled the above theme's option under Appearance -> Customize -> Advanced options -> Website Performances.


  • Lazy load for videos. another good plugin to boost page loading performances. the plugin basically replace the quite heavy Youtube / Vimeo ifram by a screenshot. On click, the video is loaded and replace the screenshot.

Contact Forms


  • Custom sidebars :  Great and fully Customizr compatible plugins. Allows to create your own widgetized areas and custom sidebars, and select what sidebars to use for each post or page.


  • Black Studio TinyMce Widget : A great plugin if you need to add rich content to a sidebar or a footer. Allows you to edit text like in the WordPress WYSIWIG editor and embed images and various media.

Child Theme


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