WordPress Parse error leading to blank page - How to fix ?

First of all dont freak out ! :)

In most cases, simply deleting the code you've added and re-uploading the file manually will fix this problem.

If you've been adding some code to your functions.php, you'll have to remove that piece of code from your php file through an FTP  ( how do I do that ?) or your site's host page. Once you remove it your page will work like normal.

Still no working? In some rare cases, you'll need to re-upload a complete new version of your theme by FTP.

Follow those simple steps and you'll be fine :

  1. Connect to your website server by FTP (how do I do that ?)
  2. Delete the customizer folder from wp-content/themes.
  3. After doing that the admin panel and the site will be up again but with a default theme.
  4. Downloaded a new copy of the theme from the Customizr WordPress page.
  5. Then go in the admin panel to Themes and upload manually the Customizr theme zip file.

After activating the theme all works fine.  Please note that :

  1. You won't loose your previous settings, or your posts, pages, widgets, etc, by doing this.
  2. If you use a Customizr child's theme, it won't be impacted by this process either.

For further help, please open a new thread in the Customizr forum :  https://wordpress.org/support/theme/customizr

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