[Pro] How to customize your footer credits in Customizr Pro?

The footer may not be the most noticeable part of your site, but it is one of the most important areas because it is the place where the copyrights and credits rolls out.

What is a copyright and why do I need it?

A copyright is your claim on the content of your site. According to the  Copyright Acts, any content, as soon as it is created, gets copyrighted to the author. So, it is not absolutely required to put up a copyright notice on your site. But, it is a redundant yet prevalent practice to put up a copyright notice, usually in the footer.

It is useful to show a copyright in the footer and here is how you can do it in the  Customizr WordPress theme.

Accessing the footer customizer

The Footer Credits can be access from the customizer from Footer > Footer Credits. You can enable the Footer Credits section by checkign against Enable the footer copyrights and credits.

Most of the settings here are automatically filled. The default values should be fine, as they are. Should you want to make any changes, you can make them here.


  • The first setting under the Copyright section is Copyright text. Here you have to give the copyright symbol ©, year and optionally a text like All rights reserved.
  • The next setting is the Site Name. You have to enter your site's name here.
  • The last setting in this section is Site Link. Give your site's URL here.


With Customizr Pro, you can customize the default copyright " designed by Press Customizr".

  • You can enable Credits text by checking against Display designer credits. (enabled by default)
  • The next setting is Credit text. The default value is Designed by.
  • Against Designer name, the default value is Press Customizr and the Designer link points to http://presscustomizr.com, the site of PressCustomizr. Unless you have customized the site a lot, it would not be necessary to change these settings. If, indeed, you have customized your site a lot and want to display your name, use Customized by as the Credit text and give your name as Designer name.

With that, you are done with the Footer Credits. Save and publish. You should see something like this at the bottom of every page of your site.

These are very simple settings. But, do not miss to add them to improve the professional look of your site.

Doc created by: Menaka S.

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