How to request a custom color skin for Customizr Pro ?

Q : I need a custom main color skin for the theme, can you create it ?

A : Yes we provide this service for users purchasing the Unlimited Sites package of Customizr Pro. This service is limited to one custom skin. For several skins, contact us for a quote.

Note : If your package needs to be upgraded to qualify to this offer, please visit this documentation page to upgrade your package.

Let’s say you need a skin based on this color : #440099. All you need to do is reply to your purchase receipt and specify your color in  hexadecimal format (like in the previous example). We’ll send you back a child theme of Customizr Pro including your skin.

You can upload it like any other theme in  Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload

To use your custom color skin, simply navigate to  Appearance > Customize > Global Settings > Skins and select your color at the bottom of the list. Save and exit. You’re done !