How can I upgrade my current plan ?

Q : If I purchase a single site key and then I would like a second activation key for another website later, would i need to purchase a single key again or could i just pay the difference between the two plans?

A : You'll be able to pay only the difference between the two plans. Simply follow the steps described below.

To upgrade a plan, log into  your account page on, locate the purchase record for the theme or plugin you wish to upgrade and click on View Activation Keys on the right side of the screen.

If your current plan has upgrades available for it, a  View Upgrades link will be displayed on the right side. Click this link to see the available upgrade options.

The total cost of the upgrade will be displayed next to each upgrade option. Click on  Upgrade to this package to proceed to the checkout screen where you can complete the purchase.

Once you have completed the upgrade purchase, your plan will be upgraded and you can now activate it on additional URLs. To see the domain names that you have activated your key on, or to deactivate the key on a website, view your  account page and click the View Activation Keys link. Then click Manage Sites

Q : How can I upgrade to the All Access Bundle plan?

A : If you have already purchased a single premium theme like Customizr Pro, contact us to get a discount code for the All Access Bundle.