How do you secure my payment and private information ?

Encryption with SSL certificate

Presscustomizr uses a SSL cerficate to secure its transactions. A SSL certificates is delivered by Certificate Authorities and only to trusted companies on the web. When browsing on our product pages, account pages or checkout page, you will notice that the url of the website starts with https://. You can check our trustworthiness by clicking on the green lock in your browser, and review our information.

No payment information are stored in our databases

Whether your choose Paypal or your credit card to pay, it makes no difference in terms of security : your card details or Paypal account information are never transmitted to or stored on Press Customizr servers.

Filtered incoming traffic

All incoming traffic to is filtered by a powerful firewall provided by our hosting partner Planet Hoster, based in Canada, allowing us to detect and block any malicious connection. We know in real time who are our visitors and we receive notifications in case of problems.

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