How to recover or change your password on ?

As soon as you purchase a product on, an account is created for you with your email and provided name, and a secured password is generated. We send you an email notification when this account is created to let you define a new one.

If you did not set your password yet or if you simply lost it, this is not a problem. The following documentation will go through the simple steps to recover your password and connect to your account.

Note : If you don't receive any emails from us when following the steps below, it might be the case that your mailbox consider unknown incoming emails as spam. Always check your spam folder if you don't receive notifications from If you are still getting troubles, please contact us on this page.

Setting your password for the first time, or recovering your password

  1. Connect to your account page,
  2. Click on "Lost Password?",
  3. Follow the password recovery procedure.

Important :

  1. if you don't receive any email when trying to recover your password, make sure to check your spam folder.
  2. if you don't remember which email you have used when purchasing a product from us, you can try to recover multiple emails, this won't lock you out of

Changing your password

  1. Connect to your account page,
  2. Select the "Profile" tab,

  3. Set your new password at the bottom of the profile page.
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