Upgrading from Hueman free to Hueman Pro

Q : How can I purchase Hueman Pro ?

Purchasing Hueman Pro is easy, just follow those simple steps :

  1. Connect to the Hueman Pro page
  2. Select a plan : Single or Unlimited and click on Purchase
  3. On the secured checkout page, select your payment method : Credit Card or Paypal, fill in the purchase order form, and validate your order

For further details, read our  getting started guide for Hueman Pro.

Once your order is completed, you'll receive a purchase receipt with a download link for your theme. You can also download and upgrade your product at any time from  your account.

Q : I have built a WordPress site with the Hueman WordPress theme and am happy with it. If I switch to the premium version, do I have to start all over again?

Hueman and Hueman Pro share the same core code and are 100% compatible. Almost all of the customizations made to the free version will be kept if you switch to the pro version.

The Hueman free theme options, and the Hueman Addons plugin options are shared by Hueman Pro, the only exceptions are additional CSS, menus and widgets that might need to be reassigned to the correct locations. Your previously created menus and widgets won't be deleted.

WordPress, by itself, treats menus and additional CSS per theme (a menu set as Main in Hueman will not be set as Main in Twentyfifteen). The same thing happens with the widgets. That's because widget area generally differ from theme to theme.

About the widgets, if you set widgets for Hueman and then switch to Hueman-Pro the widgets sill appear in the right sidebars because WordPress recognizes, even if their not the same theme, that the sidebars are the same.

About the additional CSS, you just need to copy the additional CSS you've added in Appearance -> Customize -> Advanced Options -> Additional CSS for the Hueman free theme (so while the Hueman free theme is active), and copy in the same location for the Hueman Pro theme (so when you switch to Hueman Pro).

Q : What are the steps to follow when upgrading from free to pro ?

A : Once you've downloaded the zip file of your pro theme, install it manually from your WordPress admin, in  Appearance Themes. If you've never done it before, it's really simple. Read the quick guide on how to install a WordPress theme manually.

Then you just need to activate the Hueman Pro theme. It will use all the options that you had previously set in the free version. Head over to the  Getting Started Guide for Hueman Pro for more details about activation.

Q : Will my Hueman free child theme still work with Hueman Pro ?

A : Yes absolutely. Hueman free and pro are sharing the same core code and are fully compatible.

Once installed Hueman Pro, you can use the child theme that you were using with Hueman free. All your previous customizations will work.

To activate your previous child theme with Hueman Pro :

  1. in your WP admin, navigate to Appearance > Themes.
  2. Activate the Hueman-Pro theme
  3. in your WP admin, navigate to Appearance > Editor
  4. At Select theme to edit, select your Hueman child theme by name in the dropdown list.
  5. At the top of the code where it says “Template:” add “-pro” without the quotes, so this line now says Template: hueman-pro (instead of hueman). Note: hueman-pro must be written in lower case small letters.
  6. in your WP admin, navigate to Appearance > Themes.
  7. Activate your Hueman Child theme again
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