How to translate the Hueman WordPress theme in your language ?

Translating Customizr theme

Using the Loco Translate plugin

We recommend to use the Loco Translate free plugin that you can install from your WordPress admin, in the plugins page.

Loco Translate WordPress Plugin

  1. Make sure that the option Loco Translate -> Settings -> Compiling MO files -> Include Fuzzy strings is unchecked
  2. Go to Loco Translate -> Themes
  3. Click on the theme name (under Bundle name)
  4. Hover on the translation you want to customize. We'll use German ( de_DE ) for this example.
  5. Click on Copy
  6. Under "1.Choose a language" choose the language you need (e.g. German ) and make sure that "2. Choose a location" is set to Custom (you don't want any change loss on a theme update)
  7. Under "3.Template options" choose Copy target translations from "de_DE" (so that you start with our own set of translations) and check "Use de_DE as template when running Sync" (so that you want need to re-scan the whole project when new localized strings are added)
  8. Click on "Start translating"

You'll find a complete documentation to translate a theme with Loco Translate on  this page.

Contributing on

You can contribute to the translation of the Hueman theme online on  This page lists the current status of the translations

Note : Each language team on has specific rules and wording requirements. This is important because it ensures that the translations of a given language are consistent accross all plugins and themes on Make sure that you follow the wordpress guidelines of your native language when translating.

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