How to set the column layout of your pages and posts with the Hueman theme ?

Example of column layout for the Hueman theme

Example of layout with 3 columns for the Hueman theme

The Hueman theme offers six different column layouts. You can set any of these layouts for your entire page, and fine grain the column layouts for each individual post/page.

The theme allows you to display up to 3 columns, and will let you decide in which column the page or post content has to be displayed. The columns next to the main content are designed to be populated with WordPress widgets.

On mobile devices, you can choose the display order of the sidebars and content column. See at the bottom of this documentation.

Site wide column layout settings

From the customizer, click on Content > Layout options for the main content.

Here you can choose the layouts. The Global layout has 3 Columns Middle Layout as the default. For the other pages, like Home, Posts, Pages, Archives or Search, you can either Inherit Global Layout or choose from one of the 6 options.

By page / post column layout

You can also choose a different layout for individual posts/pages. In the Post/Page editor, there is a Layout metabox at the bottom. Choose the preferred layout from here.

Examples of column layouts

1 Column - no sidebars

2 Columns Left - Content is to the left and single sidebar on the right

2 Columns Right - Content is to the right and single sidebar on the left

3 Columns Middle - Content is on the middle and one sidebar on either sides

3 Columns Left- Content is on the left and both sidebars on the right

3 Columns Right - Content is on the right and both sidebars on the left

How to display the primary sidebar first on mobile devices ?

There's a specific option allowing you to display the primary sidebar before the content on mobile devices. By default, the sidebars are displayed after the content on tablets and smartphones.

The option is located in the customizer > Main body design > sidebar, at the bottom.

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