How to enable Nimble Builder debug mode ?

Nimble Builder troubleshooting

It can happen that something breaks the customization interface. This documentation describes a simple workflow to troubleshoot this situation.

The most common case is when a third party javascript code breaks the customizer. For example, you've pasted javascript code in a module, or you've inserted a shortcode that uses javascript and you can't customize anymore.

No worries, the debug mode allows you to safely troubleshoot your website.

If you have problems using Nimble Builder, and before anything else, make sure you follow the troubleshooting steps documented here : In particular make sure:

  1. you have updated WordPress to its latest version,
  2. your active theme and Nimble Builder are updated to their latest versions,
  3. a third party plugin is not generating problems with Nimble Builder ( disabling all other plugins is recommended when troubleshooting ).

Activate in Nimble Builder settings

Nimble Builder includes a debug mode that you can activate in Nimble Builder settings.

  1. Connect to your WordPress admin and open Nimble Builder settings
  2. Click on the Options tab
  3. Check the Debug Mode option

Activate Nimble Builder debug mode

Troubleshooting in debug mode

Debug mode won't modify the way your visitor see your website, it is only active in the customizer.

In debug mode, the customizer preview page displays only the name and id of each module, without printing the content of the modules. The picture below shows an example of a page looks like in debug mode.

Nimble Builder debug mode

You can still click on any section, column or module to edit or remove it. You can also always access the edit interface of any element via Nimble Builder navigator.

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