Changing the website domain attached to an activation key

You might sometimes need to change the activated website(s) attached to your license key, for example when you're switching from a development / test domain to a production domain. Or you might also need to deactivate your key for a domain and activate it for another domain.

Here's how to do it from  your account with a simple example.

Q :I want to buy Customizr Pro (or Hueman Pro) for one website. I am currently working on a development domain and would like to be able to transfer everything to my final production domain when I am finished building the site. Is this going to be a problem if I activate the key on the development domain and then want to reactivate it on another domain afterwards ?

A : Migrating your website to another domain won't be a problem. You can activate the key of the theme on a first development domain and then reactivate it on another domain.

All you need to do is 

  1. connect to Your Account
  2. Click on "Manage sites"
  3. and manage the activated website(s) attached to your key

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