How to activate your product key ?

Activation for a theme

To activate your key for a theme like Customizr Pro, simply follow those steps :

  1. Upload and enable the Customizr Pro theme from your WordPress Admin in themes. (see : How to manually install Customizr Pro from your WP admin)
  2. Once the theme is enabled, navigate to Appearance > [theme name] Key. If you don't see this menu item under Appearance, it means that the theme ( for ex. Customizr Pro) is probably not activated yet, ( see how to activate a WordPress theme here. )
  3. Paste your key in the relevant field.

  4. Then click on Save Changes
  5. The page will reload and a new button saying Activate Key will appear: click on it and you're done.

Activation for a plugin

If you've purchased one of our plugins like the  WordPress Font Customizer :

  1. Upload and enable the plugin from your WordPress Admin in plugins.
  2. Once the plugin enabled, navigate to Plugins > Press Customizr Keys.
  3. Paste your key in the relevant field.
  4. Then save and activate and you're done.