How to activate your product key ?

If you have purchased the Premium Bundle, you need to use the license key that you have received for each theme or plugin ( not the Premium Bundle key ) in order to activate your products.

For example, if you want to activate Customizr Pro, you'll need to use the Customizr Pro key, not the Bundle one.

Activation for a theme

Here are the simple steps you need to follow to enable and activate your license key for a theme like   Customizr Pro.

First you need to upload and enable the Customizr Pro theme from your WordPress Admin in themes. (see : How to manually install Customizr Pro from your WP admin)

Once the theme is enabled, navigate to  Appearance > [theme name] Key. If you don't see this menu item under Appearance, it means that the theme ( for ex. Customizr Pro) is probably not activated yet, ( see how to activate a WordPress theme here. )

The activation must be done as follow :

  1. Paste your key in the relevant field.

  2. Then click on Save Changes
  3. The page will reload and a new button saying Activate Key will appear: click on it and you're done.

It is important to save always first and then click on activate. Even if you need to replace one license key by another.

Activation for a plugin

If you've purchased one of our plugins like the  WordPress Font Customizer :

  1. Upload and enable the plugin from your WordPress Admin in plugins.
  2. Once the plugin enabled, navigate to Plugins > Press Customizr Keys.
  3. Paste your key in the relevant field.
  4. Then save and activate and you're done.

If you get the following message when activating your product "number of activation exceeded ...", it means that you need to upgrade your plan to activate the theme or plugin on more WordPress websites.

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