How to renew my activation key ?

Except for the Lifetime Plans, the  Press Customizr themes and plugins are active for one year at a time. 

After this period you may renew your activation key to continue receiving updates for bug, WordPress compatibility fixes, new features, and getting Product Support.

Why should you keep your theme up to date ?

When can you renew your key ?

Before expiration date : with your renewal link sent by email

One month before expiration, you'll receive a renewal notification reminder by email including a link to the renewal checkout page.

Once you'll have clicked on the link in your email, your browser will open a page like in the example below :

You'll simply have to follow the usual checkout process and validate your purchase order to renew your key for one more year.

Before expiration date : at checkout

If you don't want to wait for the renewal email notification, you can renew at checkout. You will simply need to connect to our website, add your current product to your cart ( select the same plan that you are currently using, for example 2-5 websites ), and then at checkout you will need to click on " Renewing an activation key?" to open the renewal dialog box.

After expiration date

If your key has already expired, you can renew it from  your account.

What do you need to do after the renewal ?

Nothing else. Once you have completed your renewal order, the expiration date of your key is automatically updated, and you'll keep receiving the product updates in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Why should you keep your product up to date ?

Our mission is that your WordPress website built with our product always works fine and looks professional on any devices. That’s why we publish updates on a regular basis ( an average of 2 by month ) to introduce new features and fix bugs.

By keeping you theme or plugin safely up to date, you make sure that your site will be 100% compatible with the future WordPress releases ( 3 per year ), and will be nicely displayed on all browsers and mobile devices. Web technologies and devices are evolving fast, that’s why most of our updates are related to those compatibility fixes.

Renewing your activation key grants you access to updates and Product Support for another year, including all updates for bug fixes and new feature introductions.

What happens if a key is not renewed?

  1. Automatic security, bug fixes like browsers or mobile devices compatibility issues, WordPress compatibility problems, and feature updates will be discontinued.
  2. The download link in your Press Customizr account will disappear.
  3. You will no longer have access to Product Support for the item.

Will my extension work with an inactive or expired key?

Yes it will, but we can't guarantee it will work properly with the latest version of WordPress, or that your website will be displayed well on all browsers and devices.

Can keys be renewed early or late?

Yes.  Renewing early will extend your key from its previous end (giving you two full years).  Renewing late will give you one more year beginning from your point of renewal.

  • Early renewal example: If you purchased in April 2015, and renewed in January 2016 your key would expire in April 2017, giving you two full years.
  • Late renewal example: If you purchased in April 2015, and renewed in July 2016 your key would expire in July 2017, giving you two full years with a gap between April and July 2016.

Is there a discount for renewing?

Yes, you'll get a discount of 30% off the current product price when renewing the key.

Are there lifetime options?

Yes, if you select the Lifetime Plan, you won't have to renew each year to get updates for new features/security/bug fixes and get access to the Product Support.

If I have live and testing (development) servers, do I need to activate m key on both sites?

No, you should only activate your key on your Live site.  You may still install your extension on your test server and use it without an active key.

If you've activated your key on your testing server, it's not a problem to change the domain attached to it from your account afterwards.