How to setup the home featured pages in the Customizr theme?

The Featured Pages are those pages of your site that you want to highlight at a particular point in time. You may wish to bring the attention of new visitors to the most popular or most useful pages of your site. By doing this, you can improve your visitor's engagement and reduce the  bounce rate of your site and also get casual visitors appreciate your site's usefulness.

For this reason, it is a good idea to have an option of featuring certain posts or pages, particularly on the home page. The Customizr WordPress theme has this option built into it. Let us see how to set it up.

Featured Pages

Accessing the Featured Pages settings

  • From the customizer, go to Front Page Content and scroll till reaching section FEATURED PAGES OPTIONS.
  • When using Customizr Pro, the Featured pages settings are located in the Main Content panel

Front Page Content Customize Section

N.B. The Front Page Content panel is visible only if you're previewing the Home page in the customizer.

Enabling the Featured Pages on home

  • Right on top, there is a dropdown list against Display home featured pages area. By default the option Enable is chosen. You can choose to disable the Home Featured Pages by choosing Disable here. In this case, no other settings are visible below this:Enable Featured Pages

Basic Settings

  1. Image : Check against Show images so that the thumbnails of the featured images of the chosen pages will be displayed in the features pages section. You might need to learn how to set a featured image to a page in WordPress here:

    Show FP thumb

  2. Customize the Button Text from the default Read more ยป to whatever text you wish in the input box provided:

    Alter FP Button Text

  3. Next comes the actual selection of the featured pages. There are three dropdown lists for this purpose. Home featured page one, Home featured page two and Home featured page three can be chosen from the dropdown lists containing all the published pages:FP Page Selection
  1. Followed by the choice of pages, you can also choose to display a custom text, if you do not want the excerpt of the page to be displayed. In this case, enter this custom text into Featured text one, Featured text two and/or Featured text three. There is a cap of a maximum of 200 characters for this text:Featured Pages Text

Pro features

If you like this feature, then you might be interested by the additional design possibilities offered by the  Customizr Pro theme ( or the Featured Pages Unlimited plugin ), like :

  • selecting a custom location,
  • Adding unlimited pages,
  • changing the layout, shape and colors,
  • feature pages and posts,
  • and other cool options.

Read the  full documentation here.

Doc created by: Menaka S.

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