[Pro] How to install the Customizr Pro theme via FTP ?

If you have problem installing the Customizr Pro theme via WordPress admin -> Themes, you can install it via FTP.

Before doing so, you should be contacting your web hosting company to help you troubleshooting your server issue.
Under normal circumstances, you should be able to install a WordPress theme via WordPress admin -> Themes.
You are likely to have problem updating themes if you did not fix your server issue.

FTP server access details

You can login to your web hosting account to look for this details, or contact your  web hosting company to provide you with FTP server access details.
You will need FTP server URL, FTP username and FTP password.

FTP application / program

You will need to know how to use a FTP application / program.
We recommend using FileZilla which is free and easy to use.
You can refer to this article on how to use FileZilla to access your server.

Download a copy of customizr-pro.zip ( current version )

  1. You can download the latest version from your purchase account.
  2. Login to http://presscustomizr.com/account
  3. Click on DOWNLOADS tab and you will find customizr-pro.zip download link.
  4. Click on the link to download it to your PC.

Prepare customizr-pro.zip for uploading

You need to unzip customizr-pro.zip on your computer. You should be seeing customizr-pro folder after unzip is completed.
Note: Please do not edit folder name or any of it's contents. It has to be customizr-pro folder. You will break the Theme, if you make any modifications.

Uploading / Installing on your server

  1. Login to your server using your FTP server URL, FTP username, FTP password
  2. Once you are logged in, navigate to your wp-content/themes/ folder ( If you can't find this folder, you will have to contact your web hosting company for help in locating it )
  3. Upload your customizr-pro folder from your PC onto your server's wp-content/themes/ folder
  4. Wait for the uploading to start and complete, this will take a long time because there are many files and folders to upload.

Activating Theme

After your uploading has completed, you will have to login to your WordPress admin -> Themes to find Customizr Pro Theme and activate it.

Check Menu allocation and Setup Featured Pages

After completing installation of Customizr Pro Theme, you will need to do the following.

  1. Your menu items will be intact, but your menu could be dropped from it's location.

    In this case, you will need to assign your menu back to your menu location.
    Navigate to Appearance -> Menus, click on location tab and assign menu back to it's location if it's dropped.
  2. You will need to setup your Feature Pages, they will not be carried over.

    Please refer to the following documentation for more details. ( This doc applies to both Featured pages unlimited plugin and Featured pages unlimited in Customizr Pro Theme )
    Featured Pages Unlimited for Customizr Pro Theme

Activating Customizr Pro Key

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customizr Pro Key.
  2. You will see input for Activation Key.
    Enter your key in the input and click Save Changes button.

That's all for installing Customizr Pro Theme. You can now proceed to explore the features of Customizr Pro Theme.

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