There was a problem when trying to load the customizer

It might happen that the WordPress customizer panel takes too long to load, and then displays the message : "There was a problem when trying to load the customizer".

Common causes and fixes of the problem

This problem can have various sources. Here's how most of our users solve the problem :

  • The theme and / or WordPress is not up to date. Make sure you have the latest version of both the theme and WordPress installed.
  • A server memory issue . See how to fix memory problems here and here.
  • A browser extension that is blocking the customizer panel . For example, the Dashlane extension for chrome has been reported to be in conflict when using the WordPress customizer.
  • A plugin in conflict with the theme. In some cases, you might want to try disabling some plugins to identify which one could be in conflict with the theme.

If the problem persists, report us the issue

If you are using one of our premium themes like  Hueman Pro, please report the issue on the support desk. If you are using the Hueman free theme, please open a new topic in the theme's forum.

Note : When posting a support request about this issue, make sure your include error messages (in red) printed in the javascript console of your browser. ( see here how to open your browser debug tool ).

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