[Pro] How to insert a contact information block in the topbar, including your phone number, opening hours, ...

Customizr Pro allows you to display a simple block of contact information in the topbar of your website.

This block is only available with the modern style enabled.

contact block information - live

It is particularly useful if you need to make a phone number or your opening hours immediately visible for your visitors, in any page of your website.

This option can be found in the live customizer > Header > Contact information

contact block information - access the feature

You can decide if the contact infos have to be displayed only on large devices like desktops, or on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, or on both types.

You can display :

  • a phone number : the phone number is clickable on smartphones and will trigger a phone call dialog box,
  • your opening hours,
  • an email.

contact block information - customization

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