How to enable / disable comments in pages in WordPress ?

Comments in WordPress pages

Even if the WordPress comments are usually displayed on blog posts, you also have the possibility to have comments in static pages (  what is a static page in WordPress ? source : ). Enabling or disabling comments in pages is not that simple in WordPress, this quick documentation is here to help.

Disabling / Enabling comments in all pages

In your WordPress admin, navigate to the  pages screen :  Pages > All Pages.

Click the checkbox on top of the title’s column like in the picture below. This will select all your pages.

Page screen 1

Then, open the  Bulk Actions dropdown list like in the picture below, choose “Edit” and click on the “Apply” button.

Page screen 2

At this point you should see a Bulk Edit block with all your selected pages on the left, and a list of dropdown options on the right.Open the “Comments” dropdown list and select the “Do not allow” option (see the screenshot below). Then click on the “Update” button at the left bottom corner of the Bulk Edit block.

Page screen 3

Now your pages won’t display any comments or comment form anymore.

Disabling comments on one page

If you only need to disable the comment in one page, then it’s even simpler.

In the  Page Screen (navigate to Pages > All Pages), hover the mouse over the page title for which you’re willing to disable the comments. It will reveal some options for this page : Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | View.

Click on the Quick Edit link. (see the screenshot below)

Page screen 4

It will open an inline edit block under the page title where you can set some items in the page like the Title, the url slug, etc. Uncheck the “ Allow Comments” checkbox to disable comments for this page.

Page screen 5

Hope this will help  🙂

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