How to disable the new WordPress block editor ( Gutenberg ) and activate the classic editor ?

In December 2018, the version 5.0 of WordPress has been released with an entirely new editor interface for posts and pages, allowing WordPress users to create blocks of content. This new editor was initially named Gutenberg when it was still a feature plugin.

Unfortunately, many WordPress users have reported many problems with this new editor. Many incompatibilities have also been reported with third party plugins. This new editor has also been reported to slow down the editing workflow.

If this type of problem happens to you, or if you simply prefer a simple interface to write your articles, you can come back safely and without problem to the previous editor. It's very simple to do with a plugin named Classic Editor.

Installing the classic editor plugin

To install the Classic Editor plugin : 

  1. visit your plugins page
  2. click on "Add New"
  3. Search for "Classic Editor"
  4. click the “Install Now” button next to “Classic Editor”. 
  5. after the plugin finishes installing, click “Activate”. That’s it!

Once installed, you'll be able to easily switch to the classic editor in your global settings, and on a per/post basis.

Classic WordPress Editor


Switching to the classic editor in the writing settings

Classic editor for a user

Classic / Block editor tag in the post list

Editor switcher in the post editing screen

editor switcher to classic editor

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