Since WordPress 4.7 Customizr theme options are not visibile in the customizer

Please check you're theme is up to date.

We released a WordPress 4.7 compatibility update on  06 December 2016.

So since Customizr v3.4.36 and Customizr-Pro 1.2.36, those themes are fully compatible with WordPress 4.7.x .

If you're running a previous theme version you should proceed to update

It's good practice to perform a backup before doing this kind of procedure, e.g. using a plugin like this

Also, if you have any custom php code snippet in your child-theme functions.php, please make sure you read all the  announcements occurred from your old version and the latest

Pro users

If you're a Pro user and you haven't received any update notice, please make sure your license is active for your website. Check the following resources about how to do that:

If you still cannot see the update notice you can always proceed with the  manual update.

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