How to fix "An error occurred while updating ... : Download failed. Unauthorized."

 "An error occurred while updating {theme name or plugin name}: Download failed. Unauthorized."

This message can be displayed when trying to update the theme.

Possible causes

1 - You have activated the maintenance mode

Disable the the maintenance mode if you have activated it by yourself or with a plugin.

2 - Your active site URL in your purchase account is different from your website URL.

It has to be 100% identical. A slight difference such as and will trigger this error message.

  1. Please login to
  2. Click on View Keys or Upgrade link
  3. Then click on Manage Sites link
  4. Switch active site URL to your current site URL
  5. For Single Site package users, you need to deactivate your active site, in order to Add your current site URL.
  6. After you are done. Login to your WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Customizr Pro Key
  7. Deactivate and Reactivate your activation key again.
  8. Your automatic theme update should work now.
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