Will my Customizr child theme still work with Customizr Pro ?

Yes it will work fine. Customizr free and pro are sharing the same core code and are fully compatible.

Once uploaded Customizr Pro, you can use the child theme that you were using with Customizr and all your previous customizations will work.

To activate your previous child theme with Customizr Pro :

  1. in your WP admin, navigate to Appearance > Themes.
  2. Activate the Customizr-Pro theme
  3. in your WP admin, navigate to Appearance > Editor
  4. At Select theme to edit, select your Customizr Child theme by name in the dropdown list.
  5. At the top of the code where it says “Template:” add “-pro” without the quotes, so this line now says Template: customizr-pro (instead of customizr). Note: customizr-pro must be written in lower case small letters.
  6. in your WP admin, navigate to Appearance > Themes.
  7. Activate your Customizr Child theme again