How to fix the WordPress error "Destination Folder Already Exists" ?

The “ destination folder already exists” error is one of the most common problem when administrating a WordPress website. In most of the cases, it happens because the plugin or the theme that you upload is already installed.

Destination Folder Already Exists. WordPress error

It occurs during a theme or plugin installation, and is due to WordPress extracting the plugin or theme’s zip file to a folder with the same name as the file you want to install.

How to fix ?

  1. Try to deactivate, remove, and re-upload the theme or plugin from your WordPress administration
  2. If the first step did not work, connect to your server with cPanel or any FTP client, and check if the theme or plugin is already installed. If this is the case, a folder with the theme or plugin name already exists on your server, which will cause the error. Delete the folder. Reinstall the theme or the plugin, either via FTP or cPanel or from your WordPress administration.
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