Nimble Builder and SEO

SEO and Nimble Builder

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Nimble Builder helps you generate content on your WordPress sites. It generates both the HTML and CSS markup, and the texts and medias that will be crawled by search engines robots. Just like a browser, Google and other search engine robots display the content of the page when crawling. Thus, any content created with Nimble Builder, whether text, image or video, is properly indexed by search engines.

Many WordPress users use popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO to help them setup the way their page will be indexed by search engines. The Nimble Builder is fully compatible with SEO plugins.
We sometimes get this type of requests :

I have installed Yoast SEO plugin but my Nimble Builder sections are not being considered by Yoast SEO for calculating SEO score of the page.

The SEO score assigned by Yoast is calculated based on the WordPress page or post content. It uses the built-in content and headings of WordPress pages, posts, categories and so on, to calculate a score.

The content generated with Nimble Builder is not taken into account by the Yoast crawler, that's why it is not included in Yoast’s score. But this does not mean that Nimble Builder's content is not visible for external SEO robots. SEO robots crawl the entire content of your pages, including your Nimble Builder's sections.

We recommend to use the Fetch as Google tool, to see how your page is actually crawled by the Google robot.

We also recommend The SEO Framework which is a complete and free SEO solution for your WordPress site. With tons of features and options this plugin is feature-rich and will definitely contribute in optimizing your site for getting indexed by the search engines. It handles everything you need to properly share your posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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