How to start building from a blank ( full width ) page with WordPress Nimble Builder?

The following documentation describes how to start designing from a blank full width page with Nimble Builder.

Note that editing an already published content ( page, post, term, ... ) with Nimble Builder can be done by clicking on Nimble Builder button, when logged in with editing capabilities.

1 - Create a page

2 - Publish and refresh the page

3 - Click on the Nimble Builder edit button

When the page is published, click on Nimble Builder edit button.

4 - Select the blank Nimble template in the Nimble page options

Click on the settings icon, and open the Current page options

The Nimble Builder template replaces the content of your current page with a blank drop zone in which you'll be able to start inserting sections and modules.

At this point, your page will display the theme's header and footer. 

You can go a step further and decide to start from a complete blank page, by using Nimble's header and footer. This is described in the next step.

5 - (optional) Select the Nimble Builder header and footer.

The header and footer might be in beta version, make sure you enable the beta features if needed.

Now you can start building from a complete blank page.

Starting from a blank page with the WordPress Nimble Page Builder

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