How to add an anchor to a section and integrate it into the menu with Nimble Page Builder ?

The Nimble Builder plugin allows you to set a custom anchor to a section or a column. You can then connect this anchor to a menu item to allow an internal page navigation.

This is typically useful for a landing page like in the example below, created with the Nimble Builder, and the Customizr theme.

Anchor link

Adding an anchor to a Nimble Builder section

What is internal anchor link in HTML ? An internal anchor link looks like <a href="#my-internal-anchor">My internal anchor</a> , in which #my-internal-anchor is a URL fragment, which specifies an internal target location (an id of an HTML element) within the current document.

  1. Open the live customizer and click on the settings menu of the section for which you want to add an anchor.
  2. Then open the anchor settings accordion and give a name to the anchor. In the example below, the name is "custom-anchor".
  3. Publish

Creating a custom menu item with a link to your anchor

Now you need to connect the section's anchor to a menu item.

  1. Open the Menu panel of the live customizer, and click on Add item to an existing menu or a new menu.
  2. Click on Custom Links. In the url field, write your anchor name preceded by a hash mark ( # ), like in the picture below WordPress Menu item with an anchor link

Note : if you need an anchor link that work in all pages, you'll need to enter the full url of the page where the section is displayed with the anchor at the end. Like in the picture hereafter. In the example, we have created a section with an anchor in the contact page : http://mysite/contact/#custom-anchor

WordPress Menu item with an anchor link, with full url

Once done, publish and exit the live customizer.

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