How to insert a responsive carousel in your WordPress pages with Nimble Builder ?

Nimble Builder allows you to insert carousels ( also named image sliders ) anywhere in your WordPress site : in your home page, posts, pages, archives, 404, ... 

Nimble's carousel is a modern mobile touch slider compatible with the latest phones and tablets. It also loads very fast by implementing lazy loading for images.

You can see a live an example of a full width slider located between header and page title on this page.

Insert a new carousel

Navigate to the page in which you want to insert a carousel and click on Nimble Button in the admin top bar.

1- Open Nimble Builder when previewing the page to edit

2- Drag and drop a new carousel

Depending on your theme you'll be able to drag and drop in several locations in the page.

Adding / removing / reordering slides

Adding a slide

Removing a slide

Reordering slides

You can move your slides by dragging and dropping them with your mouse.

Editing a slide

Selecting an image

Expand a slide, click on the image tab and then on the "Chage image" button.

Then select an image in your WordPress medial library.

Adding text

Click on the text tab, and then activate "Add text content".

Below the text editor, you'll find several customization options for your text : font family, font size, alignments, spacing.

Applying a color overlay

Setting the carousel global options

In the slider options block, you'll be able to customize various options like image centering, the delay between each slide when autoplay is enabled, and a few other settings.

One of the very useful setting available is the possibility to customize slider's height by device.

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