Using Nimble Builder template tags

Nimble Builder includes template tags that let you print dynamic data like the post title : {{the_title}}, or the current year : {{year_now}}. Because their value is dynamically retrieved, template tags are very useful when creating site templates with Nimble Builder.

Depending on the context, some template tags may not return anything. For example, {{the_content}} can only be used in singular posts ( pages, posts and custom post types ).

List of available template tags ( non exhaustive ) :

  • the_title
  • the_archive_title
  • the_archive_description
  • the_content
  • the_tags
  • the_categories
  • the_published_date
  • the_modified_date
  • the_comments
  • the_previous_post_link
  • the_next_post_link
  • the_comment_number
  • the_author_link
  • the_author_name
  • the_author_avatar
  • the_author_bio
  • the_search_query
  • the_search_results_number
  • home_url
  • year_now
  • site_title
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