How to insert and edit a module with Nimble Builder ?

This documentation covers module insertion and edition with Nimble Builder plugin for WordPress.

Opening the customization screen

Once installed, Nimble Page Builder can be accessed in the WordPress live customizer. You can start using the Nimble Builder from a brand new page, or from any existing content of your site.

From the back end : when editing a post or a page, simply click on the Nimble Builder button.

From the front end : when browsing the front end, use Nimble Builder link in the admin bar to build any page in live preview

Inserting a module

Once in the customization interface, click on the + icon in the top bar, click on "Pick a module". 

Then drag and drop the module in one of the drop zones ( empty or existing section) of your previewed page.

When dragging a module slowly over sections, you'll see drop zone candidates expanding. The grey drop zones are for empty sections, while the blue ones are drop zones candidates for modules in existing columns.

Editing a module

Once you have dropped a module in your page, move your mouse on it to display the module menu. Open the module menu and click on the edit pencil icon.
Then start customizing your various module options from the left customizer panel.

For any module, there are 2 groups of options that can be switched on by clicking on the top buttons of the right editing panel : "Module content" and "Module settings".

  • The "Module content" group of settings includes content and design settings specific to the module : text content, fonts, internal alignment of module content, etc.
  • The "Module settings" let you customize meta settings like background, spacing,  borders, height, width, device visibility, alignment of the module in its parent column.

Removing a module

To remove a module, open the module menu and click on the trash icon.

Another way is to open the content tree navigator and click on the trash icon next to the module title.

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