How to use site templates with Nimble Builder ?

Nimble Builder includes a site building feature allowing you to define site wide templates for all contexts of your WordPress site : 

  • Single posts
  • Single pages
  • Attachment pages
  • Archive pages : categories, tags, dates
  • Search page
  • Author pages
  • 404 pages

Example : using a Nimble Builder template for all pages.

Open the customization interface and navigate to Site Wide Options > Site templates. 

Click on the "Pick a template" button of the "Template for single pages" option. Select the page template that you want to use. 

Note : when modifying the site template options, the preview will be refreshed to display the home page.

Nimble Builder includes a library of starter templates but you can create and use your own templates. For example, you can define a 2 columns template for all your pages, and use dynamic template tags like {{the_title}} and {{the_content}} to render content elements.

Then click on "Publish" .

Now all your pages will be styled with the chosen page template, unless for pages that were already customized specifically with Nimble Builder sections. In this case, for the site template to be applied, the page customization will need to be removed.

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