[Nimble Builder Pro] Animating elements in your pages

Nimble Builder Pro includes an interface allowing users to animate any element created with the plugin.

The animation options are accessible in the usual customization interface of your Nimble Builder pages.

- Opening the animation settings : for a module, simply click on the module just like when you need to edit it, switch to the module settings tab located on top, then expand the animation settings.

- Select the animation type : Fading, Sliding, Zooming, Bouncing, Rotating, Attention seekers, and many others

- Set the duration of the animation : this is the duration of the animation in seconds

- Animate after a delay : by default Nimble Builder will animate the element as soon as it becomes visible in the page, but you can decide that once the element is in the visible viewport, the animation runs after a customizable delay.

- Repeat animation : you can define the number of times an animation will be repeated ( default is one time ), and the delay between each animation run.

You can not only animate module, but also columns or entire sections.

For columns, click on the column edit menu and expand the animation settings.

For sections, same principle, click on the edit menu and expand the animation settings.

Credits : Nimble Builder uses the MIT licensed CSS animation library.

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