[Nimble Builder Pro] Header visibility options

Nimble Builder Pro includes additional visibility controls for the header. That those options are only available when using Nimble Builder's header, not your theme's header.

Nimble Builder allows you to create and use a custom header for any page, but also to create and use a site wide header displayed on all pages of your site. The following documentation describes how to control the visibility of a local header, but the process is the same for a site wide header.

- in the live customization interface, go to Current page options and expand the Page header and footer settings

By default, the header is only visible when the page not scrolled, and then becomes not visible when scrolling down.

You can change the visibility mode to " Hide on scroll down, reveal on scroll up", which is a very convenient way to let your visitors access the menu quickly without hiding content.

You can also select the " Always visible" mode, which will stick the header on top when scrolling the page down and up.

You can adjust the top margin with a dedicated option. Or decide to display the header on top of the section right below it, by setting the top margin to 0.

Note that the top margin value can be defined by device.

The header background color can be set to a specific value when scrolling. Typically the background can be set to semi-transparent color when scrolling.

If you use a logo image in your header, Nimble Builder Pro includes options to modify the logo image dimensions on scroll.

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