How to customize the horizontal alignment of a widget module inserted with Nimble Builder ?

While most of Nimble Builder's module include an option to horizontally align the module content, widgets inserted with Nimble Builder might be wrongly aligned.

1 - Align by using a custom width

In the example below, we want to center the widget content, which is by default left aligned.

  1. Click on the module to open its interface then click on "Module Settings"
  2. Click on "Width settings"
  3. Select "Custom"

Then we adjust the width and the alignment.

2 - Use custom CSS code

An alternative is to use some CSS rules in the custom CSS setting of the live customizer, or in the style sheet of a child theme.

The best solution is probably to use flexbox CSS horizonal alignment documented in the following pages :

Useful resources for WordPress site customization :

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