How to create a video background with Nimble Builder WordPress plugin ?

Nimble Builder allows you to create video backgrounds for sections and columns from self-hosted videos ( like mp4 videos for example ) from your WordPress media library, Youtube and Vimeo videos. 

Like in this example.

  1. Edit your section's settings and expand the background tab
  2. Activate the video background option at the bottom of the background settings tab

Video backgrounds can also be used on columns.

Various Tips

About performances

In order to reduce page load impact, Nimble Builder will lazy load your videos by default. You can disable the default lazy load option for video background in the global settings > page speed optimizations.

How to use mp4 videos ?

Self-hosted mp4 videos is a good solution for your video backgrounds. If your server offers decent performances, I'd recommend using this type of videos rather than Vimeo or Youtube ones.  You can upload your own videos or find good videos in free CC0 repositories such as or Pixabay.

All you need to do is :

  1. Upload your mp4 video in your WordPress media library.
  2. Once uploaded, copy the video URL. For that click on edit the media, and then copy the video link.
  3. Paste the link in the Video link field of Nimble Builder.
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