How to export / import templates with Nimble Builder ?

Nimble Builder includes an export / import feature, allowing users to easily copy the structure of an entire page templates, including all its Nimble Builder sections, and import it to another page. Nimble Builder exports can be imported in the pages of the same site, but also between sites, in any WordPress site using any theme. Images will be imported, even from one website to another.

The export is generated as JSON file. On import, image are automatically added to your WordPress media library, using the safe and reliable WordPress upload API.

How to use the Export / Import ?

  1. On the front end of your site, navigate to the page that you want to customize
  2. Click on the Nimble Icon in the top admin menu, this will load the live customizer
  3. Click on the settings icon and expand the Current page options
  4. Then expand the Export / Import tab Make sure you publish your current customizations before exporting.
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