How to add post grids to any WordPress page with Nimble Builder ?

Nimble Builder for WordPress includes an awesome Post Grid module. The quick video below illustrates how to insert and customize a grid of post in any page of your WordPress site. With Nimble Builder Pro, there are more options, like masonry grids.

Hereโ€™s also a live demo including a few examples of post lists that you can achieve with it. I recommend to also visit this demo with your mobile phone to see how it nicely adapts.

The design is optimized for mobile devices. If you plan to include many post grids, it wonโ€™t impact the speed of your site when the option โ€œ Load images on scrollโ€ is enabled in your global options.

1 - Open the customizer interface

On front you can click on the Nimble Builder icon in the admin bar.

2 - Drag and drop the post grid module

3 - Customize

You can embed an unlimited number of post grids in any page of your site. The module offers 2 layouts for your posts : list or grid, and many customization options for almost any element of the grid.

Hereโ€™s an overview of the main features included :

  • set the number of posts
  • filter by category, several categories possible
  • select a layout : grid or list
  • set the number of columns
  • customize the alignment and visibility of all blocks : title, post thumbnail, category, excerpt
  • customize the length of the excerpt
  • customize the space between columns and rows, per device type ( desktop, tablet, smartphone )
  • customize the dimensions of the post thumbnail
  • select which post metas to display : category, author, post date, comment number
  • customize the font size per device type
  • customize the font family of each text blocks : post title, excerpt, metas

When you are satisfied, publish your draft and exit the customizer. Your post grid is now live.

Browser support

The grid module supports most browsers, but it does not support IE11 and lower versions ( <1% of browser usage ).

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