Which plan would be the best for me ?

Except for the Lifetime Updates one, our plans are submitted to yearly renewal. 

When your purchase order is completed, you get your personal activation key on the order confirmation page, and the key is also sent on the email provided at checkout

You will need to activate your theme with this key from your WordPress admin. This is simple to do, but if needed you'll find a detailed guide here :  How to activate your product key ?

Number of sites and renewal options by plan

Unlimited sites Unlimited domains Yearly (*)
Unlimited Sites + Lifetime Updates Unlimited domains Lifetime

(*) After one year, you'll be notified to renew to continue receiving updates and have access to the Product Support. If you don't renew, the theme will continue to work but you won't get the updates anymore.

Our prices by plan are available on our product pages, for example :  Customizr Pro, Hueman Pro.

Can I upgrade my plan afterwards and how much will I pay ?

After a while, you may want to  upgrade your current plan to an upper one or for Lifetime Updates. This is of course possible and very simple to do from your account as described here.  You'll be charged for the difference with your current plan.

Can I use the same activation key on several domains ?

Yes absolutely, for an Unlimited Sites plan, your key will be valid on an unlimited number of domains.

You might sometimes need to change the activated website(s) attached to your license key, for example when you're switching from a development / test domain to a production domain. You can easily do it from your account as detailed in  this documentation page.

Renewing : why should you keep your theme up to date ?

Our mission is that your WordPress website built with our product always works fine and looks professional on any devices. That's why we publish updates on a regular basis ( an average of 2 by month ) to introduce new features and fix bugs.

By keeping your theme safely up to date, you'll make sure that your website will be 100% compatible with the future WordPress releases ( 3 per year ), and will be nicely displayed on all browsers and mobile devices. Web technologies and devices are evolving fast, that's why most of our updates are related to those compatibility fixes.

Renewing your activation key grants you access to updates and Product Support for another year, including all updates for bug fixes and new feature introductions.

How to proceed ?

Renewing your key for your theme like  Customizr Pro is simple. You'll simply need to click on the renewal link included in your renewal notifications and follow the instructions

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