How to replace a text string in a WordPress theme or plugin ?

This article provides a solution to replace a text string in a theme or a plugin, without modifying the code. For that you'll need to install a free plugin called "Say What".

Let's take a use case with the Hueman Pro theme. Say you need to change the string " Next story" (printed in the sidebar of a single post) by "Next post".

1 - Install "Say What" WordPress plugin

In your admin > plugins > add new, look for "Say what". Install and activate.

2 - Add a new text change

In your WP admin, open Tools > Text changes, and click on Add new.

Then fill the fields like in the screenshot below. You'll need to enter the text domain of your theme or plugin. In the example, we use hueman-pro. You can easily find your theme text domain in the WP admin > Appearance > Theme editor.  Your theme's text domain is defined in your Theme Header in style.css

To know the text domain of a plugin, you can inspect its code in WP admin > Plugins > Plugin editor. Your plugin's text domain is defined in your  in readme.txt

Click on "Update". This is done. You can visit the front end of your website and verify that the orginal string has been replaced by your custom one.

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